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Cute Ways To Pamper Your Cavy On Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
July 15, 2023

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day is July 16th. Guinea pigs may be small, but they’re a pretty big deal around here. We love these adorable little guys! A Germantown, MD veterinarian lists a few ways to spoil your pint-sized pals on their special day below. 


Do you only have one cavy? This is a great time to adopt another. Guinea pigs are extremely sociable, and are much happier with a few friends. In fact, Sweden, it’s considered cruel to only have one. Just be sure to house females with other females or neutered males.

Comfy Cage

One of the most common Guinea pig care mistakes is not providing enough room. For two furballs, you’d want at least ten square feet. You can increase your pets’ living space without sacrificing your own by opting for a multi-level cage. Choose a cage with a solid floor. 

Accessories are also a must. Your pet will need a few comfy hiding spots. (Tip: cavies love little tents.) As for substrate, you have several options to choose from, from fleece blankets to aspen. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Great Food

Nutrition is a huge part of a good cavy care regimen. Commercial pellets are fine for breakfast and dinner. You’ll want to supplement this with grass hay, such as Timothy grass. Your tiny pals will also need some fresh produce. Be sure to include fruits and veggies that contain Vitamin C. Guinea pigs can get very sick if they don’t get enough Vitamin C! Ask your vet for info on safe and unsafe foods, portion sizes, and snacks.


Your miniature furballs will need lots of toys, including plenty of chewable ones. You can find some really cute ones in stores and online, but you can also make them out of many common household items, like cardboard and plain paper. Cavies also enjoy wooden things, like spoons and blocks. Just avoid anything that is coated in decorative substances, like glitter or paint, and items with sharp edges or small parts. 


Guinea pigs are much more personable than many people realize. They can be much more affectionate than other pocket pets. Some even like to sleep on their humans’ laps! Spend time with your adorable little pet every day. 

As your Germantown, MD vet, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Call us anytime!