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Keeping your furry family member happy, healthy and fit takes a commitment. The wellness plans at Germantown Veterinary Clinic make achieving this goal easier and more affordable.

We offer a number of plans to choose from to match your pet’s unique health care needs as well as your budget. As an added bonus, you’ll also enjoy other discounts with our wellness plans (some exclusions apply).

What are wellness plans?

Wellness plans are not pet insurance. Instead, they are designed to provide your loved one with the proactive care to prevent disease and provide early diagnosis of certain conditions. They are not designed to cover unforeseen injury or illness, but rather to keep your pet a step ahead of such issues whenever possible.

The wellness plans at Germantown Veterinary Clinic also make managing the ongoing health of your animal companion more affordable. Not only because they are priced to provide a discount on routine care, but because it’s less expensive to prevent than treat illness.

What is included?

We offer pre-packaged plans for puppy and kitten wellness as well as adult dogs and cats. All of our wellness plans feature the fundamentals of preventative care, including annual checkups, core vaccinations and proactive health screenings.

For a complete description of each plan’s coverage, benefits and pricing, contact us.

How do I enroll?

Enrolling in one of our wellness plans is easy. Simply mention it at your next appointment or contact our office today for assistance.

*Please bring a voided check, current driver’s license and a major credit card to enroll. *The major credit card cannot be a debit card.

Take the worry out of pet care! Enroll your pet today!