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Autumn With Fido
October 1, 2023

Fall has fallen! As the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to change, you’ll want to make a few adjustments to your canine companion’s care regimen. It’s also important for you to be aware of seasonal hazards that can be an issue at this time of year A local Potomac, MD vet lists some of them in this article.

Beware Of Toxic Foliage

Dogs love exploring different places, and sniffing anything and everything around. That’s actually great mental stimulation for them. Fido picks up a lot of information from his cute little nose! Pups also aren’t shy about investigating things by, well, eating them. This can be dangerous. Many of the plants and flowers that bloom at this time of year are toxic. That list includes chrysanthemums, many mushrooms, and ginkgo tree seeds, as well as anything that’s been treated with chemicals recently.

Get Ready For Night Walks

It’s going to start getting dark much sooner. Get into the habit of wearing bright clothes that are easy for drivers to spot. You may want to get a leash with an attached flashlight. A light-up collar or harness for Fido isn’t a bad idea, either. You may also need to adjust your pet’s routine a bit, so you can take him out earlier.

Decorate Carefully

Many people go all-out when it comes to decorating for autumn. Keep your canine friend in mind as you put things out. Keep any small or sharp items—like that cute little pumpkin or owl figurine—out of paws’ reach. You’ll also need to be cautious with anything ropy or stringy, such as garlands, ribbons, string lights, and fake cobweb strands.

Keep Fido Warm

If you have a husky, this one isn’t going to be a problem. Pups with thin fur, however, need some extra protection against the cold. If Fido wears coats or sweaters when it’s chilly out, go through his things and make sure everything fits well and is in good condition. You may also need to brush your furry pal more often, as fall is a peak shedding season.

Enjoy The Weather

This is a great time of year to take a long walk with your furry best friend. Grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and head out to a pretty trail to take in that beautiful foliage. Fido may also enjoy a pumpkin-flavored doggy treat!

Our Advice on Autumn With Fido

What adjustments should you make to your dog’s care regimen in the autumn?

Adjust your dog’s care in autumn by ensuring they’re warm with appropriate clothing, especially if they have thin fur. Increase visibility for evening walks with reflective gear. Keep them away from toxic plants and mushrooms, and check for ticks after outdoor adventures. Regular grooming helps manage increased shedding.

What are some common autumnal hazards for dogs?

Common autumnal hazards for dogs include toxic plants like chrysanthemums and certain mushrooms and rodenticides used more frequently as rodents seek shelter. Cooler temperatures also pose a risk to dogs with thin fur, and fallen leaves may hide dangers.

What precautions should you take when decorating your home in the autumn?

Keep small, sharp objects out of reach when decorating for autumn to prevent ingestion or injury. Avoid decorations with strings or cords that could entangle or choke. Use LED candles instead of real flames. Securely place any plants that might be toxic if chewed or ingested.

How should you manage your dog’s shedding during autumn?

To manage your dog’s autumn shedding, increase brushing frequency using a suitable brush to remove loose fur and prevent mats. A healthy diet and supplements like omega fatty acids can improve coat health. Regular baths and professional grooming may also help control excessive shedding.

What are some fall-themed treats your dog might enjoy?

Your dog might enjoy fall-themed treats like pumpkin puree (ensure it’s plain and unsweetened), apple slices (without seeds), or homemade biscuits with cinnamon and sweet potato. Always start with small amounts when offering new treats and confirm their safety and suitability for your pet.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Potomac, MD animal clinic, today.