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Why our pet parents believe in us!

Amy Soussan
Amy Soussan
22:16 31 Aug 22
Reasonably priced and thorough. Our large dog is often assumed to be aggressive simply because of her breed and size. The vet and vet tech we saw for her appointment were calm and confident with her, and she responded beautifully. It's like finding a great doc for your kids - we'll never go anywhere else as long as we are in the DC area.
Krista B
Krista B
11:12 06 Jul 22
Most caring, thorough and wonderful vet clinic ever. Everyone is great, super competent, knowledgeable and efficient - from front desk intake, to phone customer service, to vet techs to the vet staff. We continue to travel 30 minutes from Silver Spring because they are so good and no one closer to us seems to hold a candle to them.Our only complaint is that they haven’t brought back their boarding services since COVID! They are equally as good and we can’t find anyone that comes close.
Sandra Olvera
Sandra Olvera
21:57 04 Nov 21
I can't say enough good things about this place. EVERY single time we come in for the past several years, we've had an amazing, professional, caring experience with my super senior kitty. We started coming here for annual checkups a few years back, and during this time I've gotten to know the staff very well. As my kitty's health is starting to slowly decline, and we are coming in more often, it's been extremely comforting to come to a place where we feel well taken care of and really look forward to seeing all staff members. I can't imagine going anywhere else for the quality of care we've received throughout the years. Absolute superior professionalism, caring, polite, always a pleasure to see them. We are always in good hands, I would highly recommend this place.
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