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Fun Ways To Celebrate Dogust
August 1, 2023

Did you adopt your pet from a shelter? If so, you may want to get Fido a new toy or a special treat: today is Dogust, the unofficial shelter dog birthday. A local Potomac, MD vet offers some suggestions on ways to celebrate with your canine buddy in this article.

Birthday Cake

You’ll find lots of recipes for homemade cakes you can make your canine pal. You can also buy cake mixes just for Fido online.

Photo Shoot

You really just can’t have too many dog pictures. This is a ‘pawesome’ time to get some cute snaps of your furry buddy. Choose a spot where the background will contrast with Fido’s coat. You may also want to kneel down, so you’re snapping your pup’s pics from his eye level.

Charity Drive/Fundraiser

Don’t forget about all the cute pups out there who still need homes. Consider making a donation to a local shelter or charity. Another thing you can do is host an auction, whether virtual or in real life, with proceeds going to your favorite organization.

Fun Times

Many of our canine companions love checking out new places. Take Fido on a fun trip, whether it’s to a local park or trail, or somewhere new. In addition to the major dog parks, such as, there are quite a few hidden gems, such as trails. Download an app to help you find new places.


Fido is always super cute when he’s playing with a new toy. Take your furry pal to a pet store, and have him pick out something new.

Splashing Fun

We’re into the hottest part of the year now. The heat can be rough on Fido! If your dog enjoys swimming, take him to a pet-safe swimming hole, and let him cool off there.

Yard Pupgrade

Do you have a yard for Fido to patrol squirrels in? Add a new feature for Fido. If your pup doesn’t have a doghouse yet, this would be a great time to get one. Your pooch may also enjoy a kiddie pool or a pet fountain.


At the end of the day, our canine buddies really just want to hang out with us. Carve out some quality time with your cute pet, and get that tail going!

Our Advice on Fun Ways To Celebrate Dogust in 2024

What are some safe and healthy ingredients that can be used to make a homemade birthday cake for dogs?

When making a homemade birthday cake for dogs, safe and healthy ingredients are crucial. Use plain, cooked protein like chicken or beef as a base. For the batter, whole wheat flour or oatmeal are good options. Binding agents can include pureed pumpkin or unsweetened applesauce, which also add moisture and flavor. Avoid using sugar; instead, small amounts of honey or carrot can add natural sweetness. Always exclude chocolate, xylitol, onions, grapes, and raisins, as these are toxic to dogs. Lastly, use plain yogurt or peanut butter (xylitol-free) for frosting.

How can pet owners ensure their dog’s safety and comfort when visiting new places or participating in outdoor activities?

To ensure a dog’s safety and comfort when visiting new places or participating in outdoor activities, pet owners should always use a leash to maintain control and prevent wandering. Bringing water and a portable bowl keeps the dog hydrated, especially in warm weather. It’s also important to check the environment for hazards like sharp objects, toxic plants, or unsafe water sources. Additionally, providing a comfortable harness and using pet-safe sunscreen on breeds with short coats or light skin can protect against physical discomfort and sunburn.

What are some specific types of toys that are well-suited for different dog breeds or sizes?

Toy selection for dogs should consider breed, size, and chewing habits. For large breeds and powerful chewers, durable rubber or nylon toys are ideal to withstand intense play. Smaller breeds often enjoy plush toys with squeakers that are easy to carry and shake. Interactive toys like treat-dispensing puzzles suit intelligent breeds that need mental stimulation. For active dogs, balls and frisbees promote exercise and play. Finally, gentle chewers of any size might like softer rubber or cloth toys that provide comfort without the risk of ingestion.

What are some ways to celebrate Dogust with dogs who have special needs, such as senior dogs or those with mobility issues?

Celebrating Dogust with dogs who have special needs, such as senior dogs or those with mobility issues, requires thoughtful activities tailored to their comfort and capabilities. Providing new, soft bedding or a cozy rest area can enhance their environment. Engage them with gentle, interactive play using toys that don’t require much movement, like scent games or puzzle feeders. Organizing a small gathering with familiar people can provide social stimulation without overwhelming them. Finally, preparing a special treat or meal that is easy on their digestion will mark the occasion with a little indulgence.

How can pet owners involve their children or other family members in celebrating Dogust?

Pet owners can involve children and other family members in celebrating Dogust by organizing family-friendly activities that include the dog. Planning a dog-themed party where everyone brings a gift or makes homemade treats for the dog can be fun. Children can help bake a dog-safe birthday cake or craft homemade toys. A family outing to a pet-friendly park or trail gives everyone a chance to participate in a festive walk or play session. These activities not only celebrate the dog’s special day but also foster a stronger bond between the pet and family members.

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