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Signs Of Doggy Dental Woes
November 14, 2022

Did you know that dogs can develop many of the same dental issues as we can? Issues such as abscesses, misalignments, and overcrowding can be both painful and dangerous for your furry buddy. Fido can’t make his own appointments, so you ‘ll need to keep an eye out for warning signs. A Germantown, MD vet lists some of them in this article.


To be fair, some of our canine buddies are, well, a bit slobbery. Certain breeds, such as Saint Bernards and Bloodhounds, are naturally extra drooly. However, if your pooch is drooling more than usual, there may be something going on. Stringy, ropy, or bloody drool are also not good signs.

Bad Breath

Fido’s breath will probably never remind you of an Alpine winter breeze. However, it shouldn’t knock you unconscious, either. If your furry pal’s affectionate kisses could kill plants, you may want to get his teeth checked.

Visible Tartar

Visible tartar goes hand-in-hand—or rather, hand-in-paw—with gum disease. Gum disease is very common in dogs: in fact, about 80 percent of pooches over the age of three are afflicted. In its early stages, the condition is painless. However, as it progresses, the infection can lead to tooth shifting and loss. Even worse, it’s been linked to more serious issues, such as heart disease.


Swelling around the face or mouth is often a sign of dental infection, unless of course Fido has been stung or bitten. Given the proximity to the brain, this can be extremely dangerous.


Toothaches can be extremely painful, both for people and pets. Understandably, they can put a damper on your canine companion’s mood. Fido may seem withdrawn, and he may lose interest in play. He may also shy away if you try to touch his face or mouth.

Changes in Eating Habits

Chewing with a sore tooth is definitely no fun! Your furry friend may take longer eating, dribble food out of the side of his mouth, or start preferring softer foods. In severe cases, dogs may stop eating altogether. This is quite dangerous, as it can lead to malnutrition.

Bleeding Gums

You may notice streaks of blood on Fido’s mouth or gums. This can also manifest as bloody smears on your pup’s toys or dishes.

Do you know or suspect that your canine friend has dental issues? Contact us, your Germantown, MD animal clinic, today!