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Spring Cleaning For Pet Owners
March 15, 2023

Spring is here … well, we may still be a few days off from the official date, but winter is definitely on the way out. Another thing that will be going away soon? All that extra fur Fluffy and FIdo grew to help them keep warm in winter. You may find yourself with some additional cleaning to do over the next few weeks. We can help! A Potomac, MD vet lists some spring cleaning tips for pet owners in this article. 


When it comes to getting rid of extra fur, the vacuum may be your best friend. Go over the high traffic areas and your furry friend’s favorite spots daily, and then follow up with more thorough cleanings every week or so. Roombas can be a great help here, but we don’t recommend running them unless you’re there.


Fluffy and Fido have beautiful fur, and they’re quite generous about sharing it with us. Brushing your furry friend regularly can go a long way here. The more fur you grab with the brush, the less you’ll find all over, well, everything. If it’s warm enough, take Fido outdoors for his beauty treatments. You may want to wear an apron to protect your clothing as well. 


Does your canine buddy leave nose print ‘paintings’ on your windows? Vinegar and newspaper work really well at removing Fido’s doggy masterpieces. As far as the paw art Fluffy leaves on windshields, your best bet there is to keep her inside. (Bonus: she’ll also be safer and healthier!) 

Air Filters

Air filters are the sort of thing that are easy to forget about, but they really can make a big difference. Be sure to change yours out regularly. You may also want to invest in an air purifier. There are small desktop sized-ones that work remarkably well! 

Mud Busters

Shedding season and mud season go hand in paw. Put a thick mat outside the door that your canine companion goes in and out of. Or, better yet, teach your pooch that he gets a yummy treat for letting you wipe his paw down. If Fido is a Very Good Boy, you may even be able to teach him to do it himself. (Note: your mileage may vary.) 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Germantown, MD animal clinic. We’re here to help!