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Cat World Domination Day
June 15, 2023

There’s a pretty ‘pawspicious’ occasion coming up. June is Cat World Domination Day! Are our feline pals plotting to take over the world? What are Fluffy’s plans? A local Germantown, MD vet delves into this topic below.

The Proof

One may wonder just when and how Fluffy’s nefarious plans were leaked. Actually, the plot seems to have first been laid thousands of years ago, in Egypt. Kitties did manage to convince the ancient Egyptians to treat them as divine beings, which is no small feat for a little ball of fur. Cats also had the rulers of Siam firmly wrapped around their paws. They seem to have been bossing ancient Romans around as well: recent archaeological digs uncovered cat pawprints on a 2000-year-old Gloucester roof tile.

Fluffy’s Tactics

So how would Fluffy go about taking over the world? She’d probably start with the internet. In fact, she seems to be well on her way, given the number of cat memes and videos out there. Once her web takeover is complete, Fluffy may move into the next stage: violence. Those little claws and teeth are sharp! Then again, it’s also possible that our feline friends would just lull us into complacence. Many kitties already have their humans firmly wrapped around their paws.

The Plan

What would happen if cats did manage a world takeover? Well, those of us in the veterinary industry would probably notice our calendars opening up as kitties canceled their appointments. Housing code rules may also change quite drastically. Fluffy may demand things like catnip gardens and stocked fish ponds in every home. As for poor Fido, he may find himself banished to the doghouse: literally.

Calming The Conqueror

If our suspicions are correct, we may only have a short time to save ourselves. Fortunately, there are things we can do. One of the best plans so far seems to be a diversionary tactic. Offer your kitty a comfy new bed, and perhaps some catnip and toys. You may also try addressing Fluffy as Her Majesty. If she thinks she’s already in control, she may abandon her plans for conquest. It’s important to keep your hopes up. After all, even if cats do manage world domination, they’ll be too busy napping to bother actually running things.

Do you have questions about caring for your feline overlord? Contact us, your Germantown, MD animal clinic, today!