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Summer Senior Pet Care
June 1, 2023

Summer can be a fun time for our furry friends: Fido gets to enjoy running and playing outside, Fluffy gets more sunbeams to stretch out in. Even smaller pets and exotics likely appreciate the extra daylight and garden-fresh produce. However, older pets can struggle with the heat, so they will need some extra attention at this time of year. A Potomac, MD vet offers some summertime senior pet care tips in this article.


Make sure that your furry pal always has plenty of water. Older pets sometimes do become incontinent, so that may mean taking Fido out for shorter, but more frequent walks. (Note: changes in urination and/or thirst can indicate medical issues, so contact your vet if you see these things.) 

You can drop ice cubes into your fuzzy buddy’s water dish to cool it down. For smaller pets, such as exotics or bunnies, consider getting a few extra water bottles. Keep one in the freezer, and swap the frozen one out for a fresh one as it melts. Your pet will always have cold water in addition to their usual bottle.


Dead fur and dander can make pets hot and itchy. Keep up with your four-legged pal’s grooming needs! Fido may also enjoy splashing around in a kiddie pool. Chinchillas, degus, and other small animals may enjoy having a cold dust bath to roll around in. Consider keeping clean dust in the fridge.

Cool Spots

The best thing your four-legged buddy can do to beat the heat is find a comfy spot. Fido and Fluffy may appreciate cooling pads or frozen towels on their bed. For smaller animals, choose something with great insulation. (Tip: ceramic plant pots work well.) You can also keep ceramic tiles in the freezer, and put those in your little buddy’s cage.


Opt for snacks that are cool, refreshing, and have a high water content. The exact recommendations will depend on the type of pet you have, so ask your vet for specific advice. Fido and Fluffy may also appreciate chilled sodium-free broth or broth cubes.


If you’re taking your furry best friend somewhere in the car, let the AC work for a few minutes before bringing them out. Fido may also appreciate a car ramp or steps.

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